Lost & Found

Post lost and found items here. Be sure to include a way for people to contact you.

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LOST: Chain with Cross Pendant 0 Jayden Nola-Alberty
Found: Cross Pendant 0 Amanda Acosta
LOST-"NURSE" WATCH 0 Lucia Carter
FOUND: Headphones 0 James Knight
Found Necklace in Wall 202 0 Amanda Acosta
Lost Keys 0 Aniya Surratt
Lost green waterbottle/hydroflask 0 La'miya Blake
Found: Glasses Readers 0 Amanda Acosta
Ring - Bent Fruit Fork 0 Amanda Nicholson
FOUND: earbud charging case 0 James Knight
24/7 Workout Anytime Card 0 Amanda Acosta
Lost AirPods 0 Amanda Acosta
FOUND: Columbia Jacket, Day Hall, 2nd floor 0 James Knight
Found in Day Hall: ring 0 Elizabeth Porter
FOUND: Phone 0 James Knight
Found Nike laynard with Toyota Key 0 Kevin West
FOUND: Pink Pen Bag 0 James Knight
Lost Phone 0 Tyler Pesce
Lost engagement ring 0 Carly Koblitz
Lost Airpods 0 Sarah Morgan
Lost Lanyard 0 Masey Wright
FOUND: Cell Phone 0 Dane Secor
Lost black Jordan sweatpants 0 Brandon Woodward
Looking for Black Ralph Lauren Polo glasses 0 Jon-Laurence Fleming
Black Polo Glasses 0 Jon-Laurence Fleming
Do you know where your LAPTOP is? 0 James Knight
FOUND: Keys! (Day Hall) 0 James Knight
FOUND: small bag, Day Hall, Saturday 0 James Knight
Found key in Weaverville 0 Mike Thornhill
Lost Water Bottle 0 Mike Thornhill
Keys Found 0 Teresa Buckner
AirPods found in Atrium 0 Cynthia Whitt
AirPod found 0 Cynthia Whitt
Lost: keys 0 Laura Boggess
FOUND 0 Amanda Acosta
Lost keys and laynerd 0 Katherine Dotson
FOUND: Car Key... 0 James Knight
FOUND: Lanyard & KEYS...Day Hall 0 James Knight
Lost Keys 0 Katelyn Southard
Found Earring 0 Sherry Harwood
Lost Keys 0 Angie Brown
Lost dorm key 0 Trinity Pendleton
Found Ring 0 Sherry Harwood
found key 0 Virginia Bower
Lost Keys 0 Montana Mick
Lost Beauty And the Beast disney pin 0 Tea Pennell
Lost-Beats Head Phones 0 Jerry Clark
Found Ring 0 Sherry Harwood
Found Lanyard & Key 0 Sherry Harwood
Lost - Powerbeats headphones 0 Matthew Melendez
Lost - necklace 0 Jocelyn Martinez
Found - Glasses 0 Angie Brown
FOUND - silver bracelet 0 Laura Harrison
FOUND KEYS 0 Sakinna Richardson
Found Scarf 0 Sherry Harwood
Found jackets/ coats 0 Sherry Harwood
Found Coat 0 Sherry Harwood
Lost Silver Ring 0 Debra Alexander
Lost keys 0 Erin Maennle
Found Cell Phone 0 Jennie Matthews
Lost Keys in Day Hall 0 Angie Brown
Found Beverage Container 0 Sherry Harwood
Found sweatshirt 0 Sherry Harwood
Found Weekly/Monthly Planner 0 Sherry Harwood
Water Bottles Found 0 Debra Alexander
Missing cleats 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost Airpods 0 Leonardo Bernardes
Wallet 0 Randolph Fair
Lost JBL speaker 0 Carly Koblitz
Lost book bag w/ shoes inside 0 Jonathan Calhoun
Found in Wall- set of keys 0 Cynthia Whitt
Lost Chevy Key 0 Joshua Garcia
Office Depot Order 0 Jackie Ballard
Fit Bit 0 Debra Alexander
Found : black hoodie 0 Sherry Harwood
Found : sunglasses 0 Sherry Harwood
Lost Black and Grey PNY Flash Drive 0 Kyle Dozzi
Found: Watch 0 Sherry Harwood
Found: Wrist lanyard 0 Sherry Harwood
SOS LOST KEYS 0 Kendyl Robertson
Lost Keys 0 Mike Thornhill
Lost 1 Burton Glove 0 Alyssa Carter
Lost rings 0 Katie Lanier
Lost ring 0 Tea Pennell
Found: Backpack 0 Mike Thornhill
Lost MHU ID card 0 Lauren Dodson
Lost Powerpuff Girls Enamel Pin 0 Lauren Dodson
lost keys 0 Joyner Myers
Found: Blood Glucose Meter 0 Sherry Harwood
Lost White Hydro flask 0 Kyle Dozzi
FOUND: Lanyard Keychain 0 Tracy Lentz
Found: Prescription Glasses 0 Sherry Harwood
LOST Keys and flash drive 0 Amanda Acosta
Found MHU Laynard with Keys 0 Amanda Acosta
found flash drive 0 Amanda Acosta
found ring 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost PowerBeats 3 0 Joshua Dawkins
Earring found in Wall 1st floor 0 Amanda Acosta
Found cord with beads 0 Sherry Harwood