Lost & Found

Post lost and found items here. Be sure to include a way for people to contact you.

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Lost $50 0 Paige Thompson
Iphone found 0 Michael Cash
Found ZTE alltel phone 0 Michael Cash
Lost car and room keys 0 Montana Koza
Lost Neff Beanie 0 Fallon Hyder
Found CD's 0 Savannah Maynor
Found necklace 0 Elisa Brunner
Lost Umbrella 0 Tyler Moffat
Umbrella and coffee mug 0 Shelby Robinson
Lost Wallet/Keys 0 Kristen Thompson
Lost items 0 Shadiyah King
I phone adapter/charger 0 Shelby Robinson
umbrella 0 Shelby Robinson
Lost PS4 Controllers in Blue lounge 0 Ethan Jones
Found knife 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost Wallet 0 Jai-Len Harris
Lost keys 0 KeAsia Jones
Dominican Wallet 0 Wesley Cottrill
FITBIT 0 Lucia Carter
Lost wallet 0 Avery Brumlow
found key 0 Jackie Ballard
Someone missing a backpack? 0 Christina Williamson
Lost textbook 0 Bill Barrett
Lost items 0 Angelica Freeman
ID Card 0 Lacee Hunsucker
Lost Grey & Blue Scarf 0 Samuel Gale
lost keys 0 Holly Christian
Lost dorm keys 0 Nisa Sanchez-Anderson
Found purple+white flash drive 0 Lauren Dodson
Lost wallet 0 Delmonte McClure
rental 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost Headphones 0 Montana Koza
Lost Planner 0 Alexandria Britt
FOUND 0 Shelby Robinson
Lost Pool Sticks 0 Michael Benner
Lost ID Card 0 Jaime Kelly
Lost Car Keys 0 Austin Sieck
Lost car keys 0 Krista Romine
Lost Car Keys 0 Sarah Lorick
Lost TI83 Calculator 0 Ann Peiffer
Lost Keys in Game Room 0 Avery Gifford
Lost Headphones 0 Charla Roach
Computer charger found 0 Stefen Howard
Cell Phone Found 0 Stefen Howard
Lost Ring 0 Gail Shepherd
Polar bear keys 0 Karen Romero
Found Debit Card in Fox 0 Abbey Nichols
Lost Cross Pen 0 Tristan Turnbull
Traybion Smith 0 Jackie Ballard
found keys 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost HP Laptop 0 Hannah Taylor
Lost Pink Flash Drive 0 Hunter Ellison
Lost Criminal Justice book 0 Jaime Kelly
found ring 0 Sarah Butrum
Lost Keys with ID 0 Jordan Destaffino
Lost Headphone 0 Madeleine Muni
Lost Light Blue Patagonia 0 Shelby Kukowinski
Lost Shakespeare Tote bag 0 Jessica West
Lost wallet 0 Chase Pretti-Pearsall
Lost wallet 0 Delmonte McClure
Lost Wallet 0 Araya Houghton
Lost Flashdrive 0 Madeleine Muni
Lost wallet 0 Delmonte McClure
Cell Phone Found 0 Shelby Robinson
Lost keys 0 Kayla McClendon
Lost Keys with Student ID 0 Lauren Dodson
Lost Oakleys 0 Michael Pope
Lost Keys 0 Jennifer Ammons
Found Watch 0 Donna Sites
Stolen/lost Items 0 Chase Lewis
Lost wallet/keys 0 Kristen Thompson
Keys found 0 Cynthia Whitt
Found key 0 Tracy Lentz
Lost Keys 0 Zachary Brown
Found keys 0 Cynthia Whitt
Found Keys 0 Marquez Williams
Lost Ring! 0 Andrew Sauer
Lost Fitbit 0 Daniella Van Dreel
Bracelet Found! 0 Shannon McBride
Black Columbia Jacket with Mac Charger 0 Tanner Leach
LOST: Ring, Diamond and Silver 0 Teresa Buckner
SanDisk flashdrive 0 Lucia Carter
Lost wallet 0 Cynthia Whitt
lost wallet 0 Marquis Myers
Lost wallet 0 Marquis Myers
Lost Black Plastic Volvo Key 0 Jordan Allen
Found USB Flash Drive 0 Trisha Halsey
Found key 0 Cynthia Whitt
Lost wallet 0 Cynthia Whitt
Lost Keys 0 Mercedes Rich
Lost a Bible? 0 Teresa Buckner
Lost black rain jacket 0 Joy Kish
Lost Black Jansport Bookbag 0 Marquez Williams
found keys! 0 Michael Johnson
My keys 0 Tiana Suddreth
Found items 0 Susan Bryson
Found Purse 0 Mike Thornhill
$150 Reward Offered 0 Robert Jones