Lost & Found

Post lost and found items here. Be sure to include a way for people to contact you.

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Lost MacBook Air Charger 0 Corinne Miner
Lost Bose earphones 0 Lauren Jerzak
Lost my key 0 Spencer Shade
LOST WALLET 0 Ashanti Brown
Lost Keys 0 Jessica Fox
LOST INFINTI KEYS 0 Christian McArthur
Lost wallet 0 Makyle Wilkerson
Lost I.D 0 Michaella Simmons
Lost Keys 0 Kyle Dozzi
Keys found 0 Jaime Kelly
Lost Black Water Bottle with Silver Lid 0 Kyle Dozzi
Lost Keys 0 Tyler Parrish
Lost keys 0 Allison Tomlin
lost necklace 0 Ashely Hartley
found fleece jacket 0 Sherry Harwood
Lost my wallet 0 Marlon Allen
Found item 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost Iphone 0 Kaitlyn Dangelmaier
lost tennis shoes 0 Fernando Neto
tennis shoes 0 Fernando Neto
found sunglasses 0 Lucia Carter
Lost Cell Phone 0 Shaylyn Sargent
Lost Starbucks card 0 Samantha Detter
Found 0 Ann Peiffer
Lost Cannon T3 Camera 0 Jen Eban
Toyota Car Keys found 0 Loretta Link
Ring 0 Sherry Harwood
Lost IPHONE 0 Emmanuel McMillian
umbrella 0 Sherry Harwood
USB 3-way charging cable found 0 Sherry Harwood
Lost Mug with Giraffe on it 0 Ann Peiffer
Lost Pocket Knife 0 Tristan Turnbull
Lost Book Bag 0 Aubrey Pegg
Lost keys 0 Demarron Johnson
lost keys in wall fourth floor 0 Ashely Hartley
Lost Room Key 0 Whitney McMahan
Ride needed 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost Phone 0 Michalea Jones
Lost phone 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost class ring 0 Jackie Ballard
Mail Room Key 0 Paris Newby
Lost Keys 0 Montana Mick
Lost Room Key 0 Joshua Murphy
Keys Found in Nash 0 Loretta Link
Two keys found 0 Shelby Robinson
Lost Keys 0 Desmond Hughes
Lost keys 0 Mariah Johnson
Community Involvement Event tonight! 0 Jackie Ballard
Keys found on window sill in Fox 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost Mail Room Key 0 Paris Newby
rings found 0 Jackie Ballard
Honda key found 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost ID probably in Laurel 0 Gabriella Siegfried
ring found 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost cardigan!!! 0 Jaime Kelly
KEYS FOUND 0 Shelby Robinson
found honda key! 0 Jackie Ballard
game controller 0 Jackie Ballard
NY Yankees lanyard 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost ID Card 0 Taylor Reed
Found: Fitbit 0 Scott Lowrey
Lost Spanish book 0 Steven Beck
Lost bracelet 0 Savannah Glasgow
Lost Mercedes Keys, has zodiac key fob 0 Shaylyn Sargent
Lost car keys 0 Maria Free
Lost MHU lanyard with keys 0 Alyssa Carter
Key found 0 Shelby Robinson
Flash Drive Found 0 Loretta Link
Lost ID card 0 Jaime Kelly
Lost J Drive 0 Shawntae Carlton
Lost Red Coach Wallet 0 Carolina Gutierrez-Ramirez
Defensive LAX Stick Found 0 Andrew Hoots
Lost Beats+ Pill 0 Makyle Wilkerson
Found blue mhu wallet 0 Michael Johnson
Lost Ring 0 Joyner Myers
lost promise ring 0 Molly Rauchwarg
Lost flash drive in Wall 104 0 Cynthia Whitt
Lost Keys 0 Jennie Matthews
Lost Backpack 0 Matthew Brown
Lost Lanyard with Keys 0 Peyton Mull
Keys found 0 Shelby Robinson
Keys found in Ferguson 0 Cynthia Whitt
Lost blue/white chevron wallet with pink monogram MMR 0 Morgan Meyer
Found Vehicle Key 0 Jennie Matthews
Lost Keys 0 Marlon Allen
Dining Supplies 0 Colleen Barton
I-Pad 0 Belinda Eggen
Armani Exchange Glasses 0 Noah Ford
Return Borrowed AV Equipment 0 Kristie Hollifield
Found Purple Pocket Comb 0 Michael Lyons
Lost Room Key 0 Ashleigh Jones
Lost ID 0 Nisa Sanchez-Anderson
Laptop 0 Shelby Robinson
FOR ALL SENIORS!!!!!! 0 Marquez Williams
Found ID 0 Michael Lyons
Lost Flash Drive 0 Jared Turbyfill
Lost Keys 0 Julia Tetreault
lost wallet 0 Cameron Pashoian
blue glasses 0 Jackie Ballard
Jacket 0 Shelby Robinson