Lost & Found

Post lost and found items here. Be sure to include a way for people to contact you.

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YOUR KEYS ARE IN DAY 207! 0 Matt Baldwin
Found Alta Fitbit 0 Joyner Myers
Lost Key Lanyard 0 Jordan Archie
MHU lanyard and keys 0 Paige Ruroede
Mars Hill University Lanyard & Keys 0 Paige Ruroede
ID Card 0 Jordan Archie
Did you borrow a black cart from The Lion's Den?? 0 Jackie Ballard
Stainless steel coffee mug 0 Lucia Carter
Found cell phone 0 Cynthia Whitt
COSMO IS MISSING! 0 Jackie Ballard
Found Money 0 Sherry Harwood
Lost water bottle ****reward 0 Anastasiya Yeremenko
Lost Keys! 0 Katelyn Southard
Lost Flash Drive 0 Fallon Hyder
Found - hoodie 0 Sherry Harwood
Found - keys 0 Sherry Harwood
Found - wirebound legal pad 0 Sherry Harwood
Lost Phone 0 Montana Mick
Lost Thumb Drive 0 Denise King
LOST IPHONE6 0 Gabriella Siegfried
Lost—leather jacket—reward offered 0 Elizabeth Pierce
Lost-leather jacket-reward offered 0 Elizabeth Pierce
Lost cell phone: blue and champagne 0 Elizabeth Pierce
Found single vehicle KEY 0 Sharon Cook
LOST Jump Drive 0 Andrew Hoots
Lost Clarinet 0 Joshua Garcia
Lost Class Ring 0 Fallon Hyder
Found IPHONE 0 Jackie Ballard
LOST Fitbit Charge 2 0 Paige Ruroede
LOST Wallet 0 Paige Ruroede
FOUND - keys 0 Sherry Harwood
FOUND -Gloves & Ring 0 Amanda Acosta
Black MK cross body purse 0 Jackie Ballard
Found car key 0 Jackie Ballard
Found hoodie 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost rings and necklace 0 Madeline Boles
Found black glove- Blackwell Lot 0 Tracy Lentz
FOUND ID CARD 0 Montana Mick
Lost keys 0 Joyner Myers
LOST Gray/Black Coat with hood 0 Heather Hawn
FOUND - Pink IPhone in Black case 0 Sharon Cook
FOUND: Pandora bracelet 0 James Knight
Lost silver hoop earring 0 Lauren Dodson
random water bottles 0 Jackie Ballard
watch 0 Jackie Ballard
Foundations of Math 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost ID 0 Molly Tobias
LOST ID 0 Samantha Detter
FOUND! Silver Bracelet 0 James Knight
Lost a book, "Karel robot" 0 Ully Martins
Found money 0 Anna Brendle
Lost Necklace 0 Bria Anderson
Found a handmade doll 0 Sherry Harwood
lost phone 0 Randolph Fair
Found Keys 0 Marlon Allen
Found a key with purple tag 0 Shaigna Wentz
Lost wallet 0 Alex Christmas
Lost Cat?? 0 Ashley Brewster
Found bracelet 0 Sherry Harwood
Founds keys 0 Sherry Harwood
Lost Flash Drive 0 Colin Williams
Lost bookbag blue under armor 0 Austin Bass
Lost Class Ring 0 Fallon Hyder
Lost Keys 0 Michael Benner
Lost yellow hydroflask with dents 0 Brooke Reyes
Lost 0 Cameron France
Lost bright reddish orange nike funnel neck hoodie 0 Shaigna Wentz
Lost Debt Card 0 Michael Cash
FOUND Nissan Key 0 Sharon Cook
LOST Brown Leather Wallet 0 Spencer Shade
FOUND 0 Debra Alexander
FOUND single Toyota key 0 Sharon Cook
Lost Keys 0 Anna Thorne
School I.D. 0 Michaella Simmons
Superman Necklace 0 Tony Gunter
lost gold cross necklace 0 Darius Murry
Lost laptop charger 0 Monquayla Manns
Lost Class Ring 0 Samantha Detter
Found Keys 0 Debra Alexander
Lost package 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost Wallet 0 Sharon Cook
Found Keys 0 Sherry Harwood
Lost Wallet 0 Joseph Ludlow
Lost Campus ID 0 Jessica Fox
lost class ring 0 Mariah Johnson
Black leather folio notepad 0 James Knight
My Bow Tie 0 Matt Baldwin
HELP!!! 0 Jackie Ballard
Missing throw rug 0 Shadiyah King
LOST White HydroFlask Water Bottle 0 Gabriella Siegfried
Lost Car Keys 0 Michalea Jones
lost keys 0 Jackie Ballard
Items found 0 Sherry Harwood
Keys found! 0 Shannon McBride
lost and found 0 Jackie Ballard
Found headphones outside of brown 0 Samantha Detter
Found bracelet 0 Jackie Ballard
Lost wallet!! 0 Avery Brumlow
Lost graphing caculator 0 Megan Walker