| Tuesday, September 26, 2017 |
Global event
Citizens United and the Problems of Money in Politics
7:00 PM » 8:30 PM
Speaker Avram Friedman: A series of US Supreme Court decisions, including the 2010 'Citizens United' decision, based on the premise that 'corporations are people' and 'money is speech,' have opened the floodgates for a huge influx of money into politics from powerful special interests and threatened the foundation of our one person-one-vote democratic system of government. The NC We the People Campaign addresses this central issue and what we can do as citizens to take back our democracy. The discussion will be led by Avram Friedman, Executive Director of The Canary Coalition, 1st Vice-President of the Jackson County Branch of the NAACP and co-founder the NC We the People Campaign. This event is open to the public and is sponsored by Pi Sigma Alpha, Mars Hill College Republicans, and Mars Hill College Democrats.